Handmade Bits and Spurs by Chris Kerley

Chris illustrates the Texas style of the late Adolph Bayers and spur and bit maker, Billy Klapper, embodying the two men in his work because they influenced his craft. For the young horseman, Klapper Spurs were a necessity. Chris was gaining experience developing and training horses for the polo field.  Bayers’ spurs were expensive being that Bayer’s died in 1978 making his spurs and bits collectibles. But Klapper lived down the street from Adolph Bayers, the famed Bit and Spur maker, and Klapper apprenticed with Bayers. So Chris bought his first set of Klapper spurs at nineteen  for “two-hundred dollars feeling the quality that lay in his hands.” When he went to buy his second set of Klapper Spurs at age thirty-five, the price had sky-rocketed to two-thousand dollars! Shortly thereafter, Chris decided to take up the Texas tradition of Bit and Spur making, admiring the customs of these two silversmith artists, making original orders seem timeless, capturing the essence of his father’s era.