The Wellington Season is Upon Us 2019

I am in Wellington where I can see the horse activity brewing. The bridle path is a hike away where I can see horses hacking to the show grounds. The thought of what will come is bliss.

When the season begins, there is a frost in the air, a sense of astonishment where a jacket is needed on some chilly nights. There will be dressage, show jumping and polo, at the top of the tier, from the United States, and always from abroad. From January through April there will be an ultimate horse buzz all around.

The grocery store is filling up with britches and boots. They are beauty's walking with the shopping cart, perfect like the Madonna, but in a sheep's clothing. These are the innocents, the one's who are beginning an amateur career with the professional planted in the scenery with their group seeking the ribbons and the sash. It is competing in the elite rings, and against the large field of adversaries but also against legends like Margie Goldstein and Sebastian Merlos.

There is a professional life-style in Wellington, Florida that welcomes the eager inexperienced, ready to compete and begin a show career. The tempting community of amateurs and professionals riding by in their golf carts, and heavy metal glamour, atop a fine tuned mount who will take your breath away.

To the life of an equestrian. Stay tuned! GT Courbette Horse Sports

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Horse Sports in Wellington, Florida

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